Make Frontend Development Fun Again

For too long, millions of frontend devs have been suffering from having to write too much mundane code!
Our mission is to free them of this misery

gif showing peter griffin from family guy struggling with window blinds

Want to be free of the blinding (lousy pun intended) struggle of tweaking CSS?

Enjoy writing Boilerplate?
There could be something seriously wrong with you!

Take this totally scientific pop-psychology survey to know "for sure."

Also, now that you enjoy this anyway - maybe maybe, you might be the right person to help automate this for others?

Testimonials from Our Future Customers

Before Kombai, I hated writing boilerplate and my life. Now, I hate only one of those two things.

SDE 1, B2C Unicorn

We both clearly remember the first day a developer got all the layout right from the design file in the first go. We both cried that afternoon.

UX Designer & QA, Web Dev Shop

Kombai has saved 60%+ of our frontend team's bandwidth. By investing 90% of this on random internet browsing, we improved our team's morale by 420%!!

CTO, Series C B2B Co

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok. So you have got my attention. But on a serious note - how can I know more about the team and company at Kombai?

We are glad that we did! For more details, please see our AngelList listing. For any additional Questions, please reach out to [email protected]

What Roles are you guys hiring for?

We are hiring the first 5 engineers, all Frontend Devs, at Kombai. Please see our AngelList listing for more details on the roles and why we believe it'd be an exciting opportunity for world-class JS devs.

Are you willing to accept remote devs?

Yes! Although we'd prefer our initial team members to be in Pune, India, particularly for the younger team members, we are open to remote work for exceptional candidates who cannot move to Pune.

Your sense of humor is not funny at all. But the problem space you are working on still looks exciting, and I would like to help solve it. What should I do?

First of all, we have heard this before - so no hard feelings :-P. But if you can relate to the problem space we described and believe that you fulfill the criteria mentioned in our JD - please apply for the roles on our AngelList listing, or write to us directly at [email protected]

"Yo site so basic! Y?!"

Dipanjan, the "business guy" in the team, built this up in a day because Abhijit - our CTO, was busy making the actual product for our future customers. So, please don't judge our engineering abilities based on this site. :-)